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Tax Preparation Services

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2023 Tax Questionnaire

Income & Expense Spreadsheet Templates


Rental Property


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Rental Property

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We only recommend making tax payments online so you have a confirmation for your reference.

The last few years have had many problems wiht payment not being applied properly when mailed.

Pay Federal Tax to IRS:

Look for the section labeled “Pay Your Taxes Now” and

follow prompts for paying either by E-check or by Credit/Debit Card.

Once you complete the payment

save the webpage confirmation

with the details of the amount and year your payment applied to.

The email confirmations are generic and will not have those details in it.


IRS Pay.png
NJ Pay tax.png

Pay NJ:

Choose the box that applies to you (most likely “Individuals”).

Scroll down and click on “Make a Payment.”

A box will pop up with 2 options:

Balance due on a recent return OR Past due balance.

Choose the one that applies to you.

You will be asked for the SSN and DOB of the individual

listed on the Taxpayer line of your tax return (as opposed to Spouse),

have this info readily available.

NJ Medical Expenses

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind our NJ clients that while medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of your income to qualify as a Federal itemized deduction, NJ’s threshold is much lower at 2%, so it may benefit you to add up your out-of-pocket expenses for medical and dental care, prescriptions including glasses or contacts, and supplemental health insurance. (These deductions are allowed regardless of whether you have any insurance.) Please do not give us all your individual receipts. Instead we would appreciate you providing us with totals or year-end statements or summaries, but you must keep your receipts for your records in case of an audit. Many pharmacies and providers will provide yearly statements upon request.

Recordkeeping Reminder

Please remember not to email documents with any full Social Security Numbers.

We have seen an increase in audits and requests for supporting documentation from IRS and the State Divisions of Taxation, so we’d like to emphasize the importance of keeping your records for at least 7 years. Especially receipts, statements, or other documents related to credits or deductions you have claimed.

Realtors: please provide Income History Report or breakdown of expenses paid directly from your commissions.

Rental Property owners: please provide AirBnB & VRBO year end statements including payment processing fees.

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